Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK

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Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
Minecraft 1.19.4 PC Java Edition (MCPE 1.19.80 – 1.19.63 Bedrock – Android Edition) is a new update called The Wild Update that complements and expands the features of the upcoming updates. Now the player can go to a new Ancient City structure to fight a very strong Warden boss. Additionally, the developers have added a friendly Allay mob that will help the player collect resources and perform other tasks.

Basically, this version completes work on adding new features from 1.17 and 1.18 versions – the main theme of which is mountain and underground biomes. Now, in addition to the updated landscape, players will be able to see more details that enliven everything around. For example, frogs have been added to most of the biomes containing lakes and swamps, new plants in both vanilla forests and underground groves, improved and fully working sluck blocks from which the player can build mechanisms based on the use of vibration energy.

Minecraft 1.19.4 Release date

The Wild Update full release will be available to download on March, 2023 for Minecraft:

  • Bedrock Edition on Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 11, 10
  • Java Edition on Windows 7, 10, 11,  macOS,  and Linux.

Minecraft 1.19.4 Features

In total, among the features, 13 useful ones can be distinguished: 1 new structure, 2 biomes, 3 blocks, a boat with a chest and 4 mobs. All this has many uses that will be useful to diversify and to some extent simplify survival for the player.

Deep Dark Biome

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
Deep Darkness is a biome from the Uppder world that forms deep underground in areas with low erosion. It consists of skulk blocks surrounded by veins of skulk shriekers, sculk sensors and sculk catalysts. Mobs do not appear in this biome, but if the player activates the sculk shrieker a certain number of times, a guardian may appear, giving the player the effect of Darkness. This is the only biome where Ancient Cities can be generated. This biome is very dimly lit, as there is no luminous lichen, and the only natural light sources are the catalysts of rock and lava. Mines cannot be generated in this biome, and they are forbidden to intersect if the mine is generated in a neighboring biome.

Ancient City

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
The ancient city is a mystical place that contains ancient artifacts using which the player can craft devices to escape the Warden. Basically it is generated near the deep dark biome at a depth of -52 blocks. The structure is built of unique materials that do not emit vibrations.
The city has statues and the center features a frame resembling a warden’s head, where there are reinforced deepslate blocks, which is an unobtainable material in Survival mode. Other unique blocks such as soul lanterns and candles as well as different forms of deepslate and sculk can be found here.

Mangrove Swamp Biome

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
Mangrove swamps are a type of swamp biome that forms in warmer regions, usually near jungles and deserts. The foliage in this biome is very dense, with a large number of mangrove trees that vary greatly in height. The floor mainly consists of adobe blocks with occasional patches of grass. The grass has the same color as an ordinary swamp, but the leaves and vines have a unique light green hue, and the water is turquoise rather than gray. Frogs are the only passive animals that spawn in this biome, and all frogs spawning here are warm frogs.

Boat with Chest

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
A boat with chest is a type of boat that can be used for fast transport of players, mobs, and items over bodies of water. A boat with chest can be directly retrieved by attacking it, as it drops itself in item form, along with its contents. Tools and weapons with damage above 4 can instantly destroy a boat with chest in one hit.

Frog Mob

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
A frog is a passive mob that can spawn in swamps. Groups of two to five frogs can spawn in swamp and mangrove swamp‌ biomes. Frogs can also be spawned by growing from tadpoles. There are three frog variants, determined by the biome in which the tadpole grew up. Feeding two frogs a slimeball causes them to enter love mode, causing one of the frogs to become pregnant, similar to turtles. The pregnant frog then searches for a water tile with air above to lay frogspawn. This spawn later hatches into tadpoles, which subsequently grow into frogs. Unlike all other mobs with baby variants, the tadpole is treated by the game as a completely different mob from the frog.

Frogs attack by using their tongue to pull certain mobs into their mouth, whereupon the mob instantly despawns. They attack small slimes, which drop slimeballs when killed, as well as small magma cubes, leaving a froglight block. The type of froglight depends on which type of frog attacked the magma cube; temperate frogs leave ochre froglights, cold frogs leave verdant froglights, and warm frogs leave pearlescent froglights.

Froglight Block

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
A froglight is a luminous natural block that can be obtained if a frog eats a tiny magma cube. It is used for decoration. Froglights drop as an item when broken with any tool or by hand. A tiny magma cube drops a froglight when it is killed by a frog. There are three colors of froglight that drop depending on what type of frog kills the magma cube: pearlescent (purple) from warm (white) frogs, verdant (green) from cold (green) frogs and ochre (yellow) from temperate (orange) frogs. Froglights have a smooth texture and are used as light sources. They emit light level 15, the highest level possible for a light-emitting block.

Recovery Compass Item

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
A recovery compass is an item used to point to the location of the player’s last death. When held by a player, the recovery compass will point towards the spot where they previously died.
Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
The recovery compass will only work when it is held by a player who has previously died, and is in the same dimension where the player had died. Otherwise, it will spin around randomly.
A recovery compass can receive the following enchantments: Curse of Vanishing.

Sculk Sensor Block

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
The sculk sensor is a block that detects vibrations caused by actions and events, and emits a redstone signal. Sculk sensors generate within the deep dark biome and ancient cities.‌ Sculk sensors can be mined with any tool, but hoes are the quickest. They are obtained by mining them with a hoe enchanted with Silk Touch, otherwise they only drop experience. A sculk catalyst has a 9% chance of generating a sculk sensor on top of a sculk block.
Sculk sensors can detect vibrations in a 9 block radius around it. A vibration is caused by many noisy events, such as a player gliding with elytra, a piston extending or a wet wolf shaking itself off. While sneaking, a player is not detected when walking, falling, or shooting a projectile.

When a vibration is made within the range of a sculk sensor, a signal travels from the vibration source to the sensor at a speed of one block per game tick (20 blocks per second). When the signal arrives, the sensor is activated for 40 game ticks (2 seconds). The sensor cannot detect any other vibrations while activated or while a signal is traveling to it.

Allay Mob

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
The allay is a passive flying mob that resembles the vex. It collects and delivers items for any player that gives it something. Allays can be found surrounding pillager outposts, confined inside dark oak cages. 1 to 3 allays can spawn in each cage. Allays can also spawn inside jail cells within woodland mansions. 1 to 3 allays can spawn in each cell.

The allay wanders around until a player gives it an item, with their use key. The allay starts following the player, seeking out dropped versions of the same item and delivering them to its player. The allay returns to wandering around if any player takes its item back, by using an empty hand on it.

The allay follows its player from up to 64 blocks away even if it can’t see them, and it seeks items up to 32 blocks away from the player. After returning items, it has a delay of 3 seconds until it can seek items again. The allay has a single inventory slot, allowing it to carry a single stack of items (usually 64 items) in addition to the one it got from the player. While the allay does not discern enchantments or special item names while it seeks, it still has to carry such items in separate trips.

If the allay hears a note block play, it spends 30 seconds around that particular note block, seeking items around it and returning them to it instead of its player. A vibration particle reaches the allay to show this.

Warden Boss

Download Minecraft 1.19.4, v1.19.83 PC and APK
The warden is a hostile mob summoned by sculk shriekers in the deep dark. It can perform both melee and ranged attacks. Wardens are completely blind, relying on their sense of smell and hearing to identify moving entities. Wardens currently deal the highest non-explosive damage of any mob in the game.

Wardens do not use traditional mob spawning mechanics. When a player activates a naturally generated sculk shrieker four times, there isn’t another warden within 48 blocks, and if the light level is less than 11, a warden emerges from the ground. The emerging animation lasts for 6.7 seconds.

The warning count for sculk shriekers is specific to each player, not each sculk shrieker. This means that the same player can activate four different sculk shriekers, and a warden still spawns on the fourth activation.

Up to 20 attempts are made to spawn a warden within a 11×13×11 box, centered on the shrieker. During each attempt, the game picks a random y column, then the game picks the topmost spawnable block in that column. Spawnable blocks have a top surface with full collision, and the block above must have no collision. Like other mobs, the spawning warden cannot collide with any existing entities or liquids.

Wardens drop a single sculk catalyst upon death. They also drop 5 experience if killed by a player or a tamed wolf.

Wardens are completely blind and wander randomly around the world after spawning, even if rails, powder snow, or magma blocks are in its way. The warden’s hitbox is capable of fitting inside of a corridor 1 block wide and 3 blocks tall. This allows the warden to chase foes precisely, even in small cave corridors. Wardens are immune to fire and lava damage, and are not affected by knockback. Nearby vibrations agitate the warden, in which it moves toward where the sound originated. It can also capable of smelling the area around it, allowing it to zero in on a single entity’s location. Wardens grow more agitated as moving players and mobs create more vibrations.

The warden gives 12 seconds of the Darkness effect to all players within a 20 block radius every 6 seconds. The souls in its chest create a low, throbbing heartbeat, which occurs in tandem with the Darkness effect. As the warden proceeds to become more agitated, these souls and heartbeats occur at a faster rate. A warden prefers to track down mobs that it finds most suspicious, rather than the closest one to its current position.

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