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Download Minecraft v1.14.0 ApkMinecraft is a small new version which is created based on the latest the Buzzy Bees update for v1.14.0 Android and iOS. Download this to fix bugs and get new features in Minecraft PE (Bedrock). Added 15 changes to make adjustments to the graphical interface, improve the functionality of the marketplace, change the features of some items and added some advanced features for addon creators

Minecraft release date

  • This is the release of a small patch with new optimization for the global update which should take place before the end of 2019
  • Latest version:
  • Release date: November 21, 2019

Minecraft apk Features

  1. Bees got an updated 3D model to have more realistic shapes. Changed some body parts to the total size of the bees was balanced proportions. If you have a farm of bees indoors in Minecraft world then their movement will be more beautiful.
  2. Download Minecraft v1.14.0 Apk

  3. Character Creator has received a number of changes and now it has additional Minecraft PE tweaks to make using it easier and more understandable. New features have changed the interface and now it looks almost the same on devices with different screen sizes. You can find a few additional options to change the skin for the character, such as more convenient movement of equipment on the character.
  4. Download Minecraft v1.14.0 Apk

  5. New features for decorative vanilla elements. Now it is possible to install a lamps, redstone torches, simple torches and other small items on the metal and wooden fences. Your rooms can be perfectly decorated, make a beautiful park around the house in Minecraft.
  6. Download Minecraft v1.14.0 Apk

  7. Bee artificial intelligence has more features to interact with the player’s buildings. It will search for shortest paths to find nectar, memorize frequently-used player paths, increase or decrease the amount of nectar collected, etc.
  8. Download Minecraft v1.14.0 Apk

  9. If you create your own Minecraft PE 1.14 addons then you can use the “gamerule showtags” command to not show item tags on the UI. Now there are new features to hide from the player unnecessary things that spoil the gameplay.
  10. Download Minecraft v1.14.0 Apk

  11. Sometimes you would notice that after creating a new world you could not find the quick save icon. Updated GUI layout fixed this problem and players can use this feature without problems.
  12. Download Minecraft v1.14.0 Apk

Minecraft Android Changes

  • Fixed a bug that occurred after the player explored a huge area of the game world. It could also significantly slow down the loading of the world
  • Fixed Xbox Live on Android, now you can seamlessly login to your account
  • When you placed some items in the marketplace sometimes it could take up a lot of space
  • Fixed an issue with acacia leaves getting stuck in the quick access toolbar

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