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Download Minecraft v1.13.0 ApkFinally, the developers have released an update for the new version of Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.13 for all current platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10) and now you can enjoy new features, including: brown cows, foxes, suspicious stew and more!

Minecraft 1.13.0 release date

  • This version has completed its beta testing and gone into full release
  • Latest version: (October 30, 2019)

Minecraft 1.13.0 Features

  1. Players have been asking for a long time and developers have done it! Now you can place frames not only vertically, but also horizontally.
  2. Download Minecraft v1.13.0 Apk

  3. Foxes won the biome vote at Minecon 2018 and with update 1.13 you can meet them in the taiga! Remember that they are nocturnal animals.
  4. Download Minecraft v1.13.0 Apk

  5. If a red mushroom cow is hit by lightning, it will turn into a brown version. Feed her flowers! If you feed her flowers, then using a bowl, you can get a suspicious mess (stew)
  6. Download Minecraft v1.13.0 Apk

  7. This stew can also be created in a workbench using mushrooms, a bowl and any flower.
  8. Download Minecraft v1.13.0 Apk

  9. After the release of the “Village and Pillage” update from the game lost the abandoned villages, but with 1.13 version it are available again, but remember that it is very difficult to find it!
  10. Download Minecraft v1.13.0 Apk

Minecraft 1.13 Android, iOS Changes


  • Foxes hunt on chickens, build a safe structure to secure your farm
  • During the day it is very difficult to find the foxes, because they sleep and go hunting only at night
  • In the snowy taiga, you can meet a new snow version of the Fox

Brown mushroom cow

  • If a red mushroom cow is struck by lightning, it will turn brown
  • Feed the brown cows using flowers and then use the bowl to get a new booster – Suspicious Stew

Suspicious Stew

  • This stew can be created from flowers and if you eat it, it will give different effects in a short period

Wither Rose

  • Falls after defeating the Wther
  • Perhaps you should use this rose to create a Suspicious Stew

Game Changes

  • Frames for items can now be placed horizontally or just on the floor
  • Returned generation of the abandoned villages
  • Added new behavior for the pillagers is the celebration/banquet after the successful raid on the village
  • Added in Minecraft v1.13.0 a new sounds for music block
  • Added five types of dead corals
  • Added light block for cartographers
  • Added chat settings
  • Changed and updated titles

Added the Character Editor

  • With the new character editor, you can create a unique character using over 100 free items and buying items for in-game currency
  • You can still import your own skin: profile “edit character” skin icon “custom” import ” select new skin

Experimental gameplay

  • Improvement of the Structure block
  • Updated of the building block is now more in line with the Java release, allowing you to copy and save parts of your world in a building blocks
  • Use structure void to not copy the air space

Minecraft PE v1.13.0 Overview

Download Minecraft v1.13.0 apk

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