Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 – Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

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Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10
As you may already know you can download Minecraft PE on Android and iOS right here, and that means we can expect a lot of new and interesting content that will please many players.

If you waited for the moment when you can download Minecraft 1.5.0, then the time will soon come and it will mean only one thing – soon we will see new content and get new features that are sure to please you and your friends. In this version, the company Majang promised all players the incredible changes in the graphics and in the global component of the game, making the game become much more interesting. Along with the change of graphics in the game, there will be new animals, as well as the long-awaited new military equipment, which is very useful on PvP servers and in battle with mobs.

Above we have listed only a small part of the changes, in fact, you will meet many interesting, learn more about it you can read this article till the end. I would like to point out the fact that this version is still under development and claim something specific is difficult.


  • Added a button to clear login credentials if a Microsoft Account sign-in fails on Nintendo Switch
  • Minecraft

    • Added Barrier Blocks
    • Added Potion of Slow Falling
    • Added Phantoms
    • Added Phantom Membrane

    Minecraft 1.5.3

    The main innovation of this version will be a significant change in the graphics of the game, the developers tried to change her so that she was more attractive, but at the same time does not load the eyes of the players, so it can be called a compromise but very interesting.
    Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

  • As you can see, in Minecraft 1.5.0 texture to look different, that was the main goal of developers is to modify and improve the graphics so that players did not feel a great contrast between old version and new textures, which can negatively affect the gameplay and increase eye fatigue.
  • Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

  • The next innovation in the game MCPE 1.5 will be adding and changing brand new, well designed and more visible icons of the dropped items. Because of this, it will be easier to determine what the object is before you on the ground, and given the relatively large screens of smartphones, it will significantly reduce the burden on the eyes of the players. Many players remember that all the icons of the drop was executed in a 2D format, but now they are made in fabulous 3D.
  • Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

  • With this update, in the game will have new inventory, which will be very useful in battles, namely the shield. Yes, you heard right, in this version of the game will be the shield, same as on the PC version of 1.13. Now the PvP battles will be much more interesting and more entertaining, we think many of you have been waiting for this innovation in the game.
  • Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

  • The following but not less interesting change will be new chests that appear in the game after you will download Minecraft PE 1.3, you will see on the screens of their gadgets running Android or iOS. In this version the developers have made it possible to create chests in different colors, from birch and ending with a tropical tree. This will greatly diversify the appearance of your home, because now for each interior you can choose the right colored chest.
  • Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

  • In the wake of the new chests in the game will have new bookshelves that will have the same color, which means you will be able to craft them from different varieties of wood and to use in furnishing your homes and shelters.
  • One of the latest innovations in our list – is the emergence of a new generation of worlds in Minecraft 1.4, and that will mean only one thing – the game will be even more interesting to play. For players it means that now in a portable version of the game will appear absolutely any biomes, buildings that are on the PC version, such as unfinished city.
  • Download Minecraft PE, 1.5.3 - Aquatic Update iOS, Apk, Win 10

  • A last innovation of our list, which will be available in the game will be the emergence of a new mob, the developers don’t divulge who or what it is, but we hope that it will be something incredible. If you like all possible new feature in the game, be sure to click download Minecraft and enjoy the game.
  • Release date – September 17, 2018


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