Download Minecraft PE, The Aquatic Update Apk & iOS

Download Minecraft PE, The Aquatic Update Apk & iOS
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Download Minecraft PE, The Aquatic Update Apk & iOSThis year, we have a major update to oceans in Minecraft, because the update is released under name “Aquatic”! For a long time the oceans in Minecraft were almost empty, but with the next version everything will change! The Aquatic Update brings the game a bunch of new content, which will affect the seas and oceans of the popular sandbox!

Coral reefs, algae, fish, dolphins, shipwrecks, Trident, new techniques, and upgrading water physics – all this will be very soon!

Minecraft 1.4 Screenshots

Download Minecraft PE, The Aquatic Update Apk & iOS
Download Minecraft PE, The Aquatic Update Apk & iOS
Download Minecraft PE, The Aquatic Update Apk & iOS

Minecraft 1.4 What’s New?

New Mobs in Minecraft PE 1.4

  • Insomnia (or Monster of night sky) – flying mob that lives high in the sky. Looking for players who have not slept for a long time
  • Dolphin – able to jump out of the water. Dolphins will help the players finding underwater treasures
  • Turtle – bury eggs on the shores of the different biomes. The young turtles after hatching from the eggs will run to the water
  • Different types of fish – all species of fish in the game will now have a model.

New Blocks in MCPE 1.4

  • Corals
  • Algae.

New Items in MCPE 1.4

  • Trident – You can throw in the water.
  • New Generation in Minecraft PE 1.4

    • Wrecks: they can find a variety of treasures
    • Icebergs
    • The columns of bubbles
    • Generated at the bottom of oceans
    • If a player will rise above them, you will be able to breathe.

    New Water Physics in Minecraft 1.4

    • Items will now float
    • Water and items is now able to flow through some fences and slabs.

    Release Date & Download 1.4

    The full version of Minecraft: Bedrock 1.5.0 & 1.4.0 Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14 is expected that the new version will be released in the spring. The exact date, unfortunately, no.

    On which platforms the update is released?

    The update will be available for all current platforms: Minecraft Bedrock (Android, IOS, Windows 10, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft: Console Edition (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)



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