Timber – Lumberjack Data Pack For Minecraft 1.17, 1.16.5

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Timber  - Lumberjack Data Pack For Minecraft 1.17, 1.16.5The Lumberjack mod is the most popular addon for Minecraft, but now there is a more optimized Timber 1.17-1.16.5 Data Pack that is more flexible and can interact with trees of all types or even trees from other modifications.

You may have been repeatedly annoyed by the long process of extracting wood resources, but now this process can be optimized by adding realistic tree felling. It is enough for the player to cut down just one block of the trunk, and then all the other blocks are destroyed independently.

Wood resources are the most popular building materials, but players are increasingly mining for stone because destroying blocks of stone with a pick is much easier and faster than standing under a tree trunk and slowly chopping down a single line of blocks. Using this data pack, you can balance different types of resource extraction because you will have to spend much less time on tree extraction, for example, this is noticeable if you have large tree farms.

In addition to significantly speeding up the gameplay, it has the feature to add a realistic slow destruction of the tree trunk. The author added a certain effect of detonation of neighboring blocks, it is something like the explosion of small blocks of dynamite. You can see how the upper blocks gradually transmit momentum to the lower ones and this is very cool, because this effect compensates for the lack of animation of the fall of the tree trunk.


Timber Animation


  • Date pack has more than 15 features that will add even more comfort during survival
  • This only works when using axes. In the settings menu, you can balance this a little and disable the functions for simple axes
  • To see all the functions that are enabled or disabled, enter:
    /function timber:help
  • There is a command to quickly deactivate or activate the date pack:
    /trigger TimberToggle
  • You can enable activation only when the player is standing or sneaking
  • It can also destroy foliage so that you can get seedlings.

How to install Timber Data Pack

  1. Open the game
  2. Select the world in which you want to install the data pack, and click on “Configure”
  3. Click on “Open world folder”
  4. Open the “data packs” folder and extract the downloaded archive to it
  5. Ready

Support Moggla (Author) and download it from the official link:

Direct Links:



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    how to dowload

  2. // Reply

    This is a great mod.
    Note that in the saves folder you will find your world. Mine is called New World. In that folder is a datapacks folder. When you extract the zip file, you will create a folder called Timber_v2.1.0
    I initially made a mistake and unzipped the folder unto my desktop and merely transferred the info into datapacks.
    Do it the way he suggests (although a manual (and offline) installation MAY be possible but not tested by me).
    The Timber_v2.1.0 folder will be created either way but try his way (in the instructions here).
    His instructions are off by one word.
    Open the game
    Select the world in which you want to install the data pack, and click on “Configure” (NO-there is no configure on my Java 1.16.4. There is EDIT–click Edit once you select your world–I only had 1 world)
    Click on “Open world folder”
    Open the “data packs” folder (remember where you put it) and extract the downloaded archive to it. (That action will create the Timber_v2.1.0 folder in the datapacks folder. The datapacks folder name has no spaces as he no doubt mistyped above in the directions.

    Here is a link to a probably older version of this mod. You don’t have to read everything (open the gray “hints” bars). It helped me to a degree:

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      you don’t have to unzip anything, just put the downloaded file into the datapacks folder.

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    I was wondering if this could work for on a server? and how so.

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    Is this working with nether threes?

  5. // Reply

    Not working for me in 1.17. Also your instructions are not clear at all because you use the wrong words in two places.

    I tried copying the zip to my datapack folder, nope. Tried extracting the zip there, nope. Tried extracting it to the root of the datapack folder instead of its own sub directory, nope. Doesn’t work. And yes I tried both of the commands to see.

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